About Me

John Barrick was born in San Jose, CA in 1984. From an early age, John helped his father build various projects for their house and learn the principles of general construction. By age 7, he started drawing the images he saw in the skateboard, surf, and Chicano culture. Barrick watched cartoons constantly, which made him realize that a person can create a world where the only limit is his or her imagination, and it had a heavy influence on his artistic style. With that knowledge, John's life began to revolve around the arts.

As Barrick grew, his perspective of art broadened as he noticed everything around him was created by an artist. As a teenager, John devoted all of his time to the crafts of painting graffiti, building skateboard ramps and bmx jumps, drawing more cartoon characters, painting in acrylic, and building cars. He attended a community college where teachers challenged him to elevate his technical drawing and painting skills. At the same time, John picked up jewelry fabrication, sculpture, and graphic design. It was an opportunity for him to use all of this newfound knowledge in future projects.

By 19 years old, John was given the opportunity to paint murals at a church he attended and immediately fell in love with the craft.  He was also hired to paint signs for a local bar, putting the study of letter forms and sign-writing in his mind. These two crafts would merge to become John's livelihood.

John continued to paint fine art in a semi-impressionistic style, using a 17th century Dutch color palette with the subject matter being surreal images of monsters and parodies of Old Masters' paintings. It was in 2010 when Barrick decided to follow his calling to be a full time fine artist! 

He founded a company called Sharper Than Any, offering t-shirts graphics, graphic design, murals, signs, sculptures, and fine art commissions. He later founded a design/mural firm with his good friend, Abel Gonzalez, called The Cannery. With those thriving, John decided to focus more attention towards sign writing and started John B. Signs, offering hand-painted signs, designs, and murals. 

John Barrick is growing as an artist daily, applying new techniques and styles to every project he creates. He plans to learn and create until the day he dies, all the time being dedicated to craftsmanship.